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Lavender (flowers) greeting cards with bag of herbs


Send a card and send a present- in one! Colourful folded photo-greeting card (15x15cm) with coloured envelop and bag with herbs to make a scented cushion or to use in the bath. 

LAVENDER:  Bushes with mauve-purple flowers, which attract bees. The plant got its name from the Latin ‘lavare ’- to wash. Crushed flowers can be used in the bath, or to make a little scented pillow for your bed or to place amongst your clothes. A traditional herbal tea can be made by infusing the flowers and leaves in boiling water. A lovely cut flower for flower arrangements. The flowers can also be dried by hanging upside down in bunches in a cool dry place, and will last all winter. Hand-harvested for you from various types of lavender in the Findhorn Gardens. May they be blessed.

Lavendula angusifolia, vera & spicata - Lavender, lavanda, Lavendel, lavendel. Dried flowers for a scented cushion for bed or cupboard

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