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Any opportunity to start something new! With a new Notebook!

Posted by Findhorn Images on January 8, 2014 at 9:40 AM

Happy 2014! 

How I love stationery: the touch of paper, a new pen, and wonderful colour pencils! So a new year is a great opportunity to start a new, clean, empty Notebook. Can’t wait to start! Shall I use a ruled one — to do lots of writing? Or shall I take a blank one, not only write but also draw, colour and glue? Do you recognise this? My new notebook will all be about 2014! So exiting!

There’ll be pages full with my dreams, plans and lists with goals for 2014. First of all for me personally: how can I co-create that new part of me, which I vaguely know is in me somewhere deep down in me, but until now has not come to the surface yet. I invoke it to live in me in this new year. To go beyond the fear to give and receive love. As it says in one of Eileen Caddy’s guidances:

“Whenever you love, love wholeheartedly and never be afraid to show your love. Never pick and choose whom you are going to love. Simply keep your heart open en keep the love flowing to all souls alike. The more you are willing to share it, the greater it becomes.”

So one of my personal goals is to love more. To love mySelf, my friends, and my community. And who knows a ‘special love’ will come into my life again. Can I be ready and open for it?

Next to these personal goals I also made a list for work: my creative passion, my business goals and a basket full of dreams. For being a self-employed it has been very useful to look back at the results of last year, I can only recommend that. 2013 was a great creative year, starting the wonderful Youth @ Findhorn project. And now looking forward. And my goals for 2014 definitely include getting those fabulous projects PAID! And I give my deep gratitude in advance!

How am I gonna realise all those plans into my daily reality? For this, my friends, I need a notebook, as just jotting down the goals is not enough of course! I need to break them down in a down-to-earth way in DO-able parts. It even works better if I break them even more into my weekly to-do lists, so it can come down from the clouds into my daily reality! Using all writing, drawing and colouring skills I have.

Yes! And you might want to do something similar? Not only at the new year of course, but also at your birthday, a diary at the start of a new job, relationship or as a travel book for an adventurous journey in 2014....?!

The good news:

There are plenty of new designs of my popular Notebooks

Just freshly printed and now available. Have a look at my web shop http://findhornimages.webs.com/apps/webstore/  

Wishing you all a wonderful 2014, with lots of fulfillment and success on many levels. Thank you for supporting me creating my Community Projects and/or thank you for buying my products. I love making them and hope you enjoy them.

Many new products to come in 2014, so come back in this web shop.  Greetings, Adriana 

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