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Fennel greeting card + bag of seed/herbs


Send a card and send a present- in one! Colourful folded photo-greeting card (15x15cm) with coloured envelop and bag with herbs to make a pot of herbal tea or to use in cooking. 

FENNEL:   Fennel grows into a large, bushy perennial plant. It is the Queen of the herbal garden and its green and yellow flowers are lovely in flower arrangements. Its seeds are known for their digestive aid. Chewing thoroughly on a few seeds calms down an upset stomach, or infuse the seeds and foliage in boiling water to make a herbal tea after a meal. Fennel stimulates the ‘chi’, the life force energy we all so much need. Also good for culinary usage. Hand-harvested for you in the Findhorn Gardens. May they be blessed.

Foeniculum officinalis – Fennel, hinojo, Fenchel, venkel. Double folded greeting card with dried seeds and foliage for herbal tea or culinary usage.

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