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CALENDULA flower card + seeds to plant


RUN! This very popular card with packet of seed is AS GOOD AS SOLD OUT! 

Send a card and send a present- in one! Colourful folded photo-greeting card (15x15cm) with coloured envelop and bag with seeds to plant in pot or garden for a great display!

CALENDULA:  A stunning hardy annual plant with bright orange and dark yellow flowers. Calendula‘s healing qualities have been known for centuries, grounding the intuition, strengthening the womb in all stages of a woman’s life. Used in medicines, flower essences and as a fresh herbal tea. Their petals and leaves are edible and lovely on salads. A very good companion plant for the vegetable or fruit garden. Easy to grow in pots or directly in the earth, outdoors in a sunny place, covering the seeds lightly with soil. Seeds are winter hardy in most climates. Seeds of this lovely cut flower are harvested in the Findhorn Gardens for you. May they be blessed.

Calendula officinalis – Scottish Marigold, maravilla, Ringelblume, goudsbloem. seeds to plant yourself, included in this greeting card. 

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