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Nasturtium flower card + seeds


Send a card and send a present- in one! Colourful folded photo-greeting card (15x15cm) with coloured envelop and bag with seeds to plant in pot or garden.

NASTURTIUM:    An herbaceous annual plant, which can become a long-term resident, as it is self-seeding. Its striking red, orange and yellow flowers stand out against the green foliage. They are an effective ground cover or climber. They make a great companion plant for fruit bushes or vegetables such as tomatoes, as they are far more attractive to black fly. Their flowers are edible, with a refreshing peppery taste, and they beautifully decorate your summer salads. Sow in pot or directly in earth, in sunlight or shade, cover with a bit of earth, and water regularly. Seeds are winter hardy in most climates. Harvested for you in the Findhorn Gardens. May they be blessed.

Nasturtium tropaeolum majus – Indian or Monks Cress, capuchina, Kapuzinerkresse, oostindische kers.  Double folded greeting card with seeds to plant.

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