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4+1 free bookmarks: Isle of Iona or Findhorn FLOWERs


Four full colour bookmarks plus one free = 5 bookmarks

c)  with FLOWER images from the Findhorn gardens: the healing flower pink/purple Echinacea (BM-E38,  beautyfil pink French rose (BM-E35), blue himalayna poppy, rose (petals) and light, red papaver and other wild flowers at Findhorn Bay.

or (just scroll down to see buying option, click on2nd image)

d) Scotland, ISLE OF IONA BOOKMARKS. 5 bookmarks of places on the iIsle of Iona, like Colomba's Bay, Moon over Sound of Iona, Columbine and cloister in Iona Abbey, Memorial cross on the road.

Printed in Findhorn on environmental friendly paper. Sizebookmark  5cm x 15cm, individually wrapped. Always welcome as or with a gift!

+1 free  for £ 3.95


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