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Time and The Findhorn Calendar 2012

Posted by Findhorn Images on September 24, 2011 at 6:10 AM

“The importance is that by living more fully in the present, we are more able to feel our connection with God, with Life and with our own deepest purpose for existing.”

It is so easy to get caught up in time., isn't it? We take time for granted, and we often do so with our life too, not questioning it anymore. Another day passes, another month and another year…

From time to time I am reminded of its temporality. It deeply shocks me when I loose or almost loose  a friend, family or a beloved one. It touches me when a large group of people unexpectedly die of natural disasters. It is easy to forget cause and effect, the consequences of our behaviour to each other and to the planet. Both the negative and the positive.

We celebrate a new birth, a new baby being born. Several times I have had the privilege of seeing a woman friend giving birth and it changed my whole life perspective! Ihope for you that you once can have the experience of being present at a birth. For me it was an absolute miracle. Totally overwhelmed I was, with the beauty, the wonder, of a human being – Look, listen: it cries, it moves, it has on its body everything to live like me; just so small,so cute. It made me laugh and feel so happy to be human. Grateful.

Going outside afterwards, it surprised me the world just moved on. I wanted to shout from joy from the roofs, as I did in a café to friends. I wanted everyone to stop a moment to celebrate life, sing and dance to it. It is wonderful! He, Wake up people, your life is a miracle!.

My own birthday and theirs are good reminders to ‘be awake’.

A calendar is to mark the profane, daily appointments, which seem to have no other importance than to  remind us. To be at the doctor, the dentist, the school party of our eldest child or to meet that exiting new friend in our life. Sometimes they get their importance afterwards.

A calendar is also to mark the birthdays and special moments in our life. To remind ourselves of the people. To just lift us above our daily life and connect again with the specialness of our Life. 

FindhornCalendar 2012 :

Wall calendar with one month per page, lined space to write, illustrated with bright nature images. Each month has a photo-theme, like spring work in the garden, animals, the river, flowers or the dunes. All images are made in the Findhorn area. If you know Findhorn you might recognize some of the beautiful places, if not it can be a same nice visual experience of nature.

Size 10.5cm wide x 30.5 cm high, full colour, printed in Findhorn onsustainable environmental friendly quality paper. Price £ 9.99. Avaialbe in the online shop at this site.

Have an adventurous as well as relaxed, wonderful 2012. It will be a special year! Enjoy your life, with kind greetings, Adriana. (Sept 2011)

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