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The River is taking us home

Posted by Findhorn Images on September 24, 2011 at 5:40 AM

Where is your favourite river? Is it a river streaming through town like a magnetic vein along which everything seems to happen?  Or is it a river flowing free in the landscape? Coming from the mountains seeking its way through the soil towards the lowest point, a lake or a sea; where it seems to come home..... 

Most of us know a river where we can comehome to. The river taking us home to ourselves.  Let us acknowledge the rivers as sources of life.

For me, working in the renowned eco-spiritual community of Findhorn in the north of Scotland as well as living in the older part of Findhorn, the former fishing village, my river must be ‘the RiverFindhorn’. Its source is high in the wild Scottish Highlands - nobody seems toknow exactly where- but it takes its time to come down.  It crosses the hills and woods to end near the flat meadows of Findhorn Bay into the Moray Firth. I live at the edgeof both, Bay and sea, and getting to know the place, my attachment to living at the waterside has grown into love, appreciation and amazement for this river.

To honour all rivers on our planet I selected a series of river imagesfrom my photo archive. Adding poetic texts I made them into the series of ‘The River’greeting cards. Each of them has its own individual atmosphere as single card,and together they make a collection of cards in a luxe box-set. Printed inFindhorn on 100% recycled card, using vegetable based inks.  With white envelope.

Available from the online shop in the ‘River’ series:

- luxe BOX-set ‘The River” containing 5 cards

- or individual River cards (R01, R02, R03, R04) double folded A5 greeting cards with poetry on back and with one line from the poem on front:

R01                  closeup  “The river longing for the sea”

R02                  flowing “I am river”

R03                  Autumn colours “The river mirroring my colourful being”

R04                  calm:  “The river taking me home”

See photos from each in the e-shop on this site . Enjoy them! Adriana, 2011


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